Yes We Can!

Decriminalize Trees

Mushroom Clan voted for Obama and we hope you did too.. and If you voted for McCain's white ass... then kys.

Biking with D-Fait

LBC from the top.

D-Fait charging up some vert.

D-Fait pickin his line


has ender in the new Alien vid... sorry to leak that shit but damn. if his part is any gnarlier than this sight unseen I don't know how he hasn't died yet falling off some 2 story rail.


pause the video at 0:49 haha

I was just checkin out some old baker video's on youtube and what do you know. lucas just decided to pop up. must have been a baker fan when he was a lil one breaking tv's with baseball bats in Rutland.


Antwuan shows you the new shake junt and deatwish product while he single handedly holds down Baker as the most fucked up family out there. Then argues with the tattoo artist about a cover up on his face haha. Deathwish for life fool.

San Fran

these fools got mad passion for the bay.

never forget where you come from.

Possum Debut

we would like to welcome the one and only "Possum" to the clan. with arm steeze like that its kind of a no brainer. stay tuned for his "Unemployed" Part dropping whenever we feel like it.

Massimo Cavedoni

Might be Trapasso's long lost brother... buttery.

Ricky Tucker

Just found this Crewsaderz edit of ricky tucker from burning bridges year.  mellow style.

Jefe is a Beast

Jefe Pequeno had a lil too much sauce and tried to fight Bryce because Bryce didn't get laid.


Muska's part from "Fulfill the Dream." We've been playin a lot of tony hawk 1 these days.. so we thought we should throw this up as a tribute to muska and his boom box days. Alot of people talk shit on this fool too, but fuck it.. he's dope.

Dylan Reider

I feel like everybody forgot about this fool... at least I did. anyways, hes insane and his new part drops on Feb 6th in the new Alien video. Check it kiddies.

Throwback Teaser

Old teaser for the movie we never made...

Lane's Edit

Lane's secret edit from "smell the glove"

Butters VS Beer

Butters only drinks apple martinis and sex on the beach,  so... it took 4 people to get him to drink a beer... then he spit it out.

Butters thizzle dancin in the Garden

We decided that if butter's is gonna film snowboarding.. he should be able to snowboard.  So he showed everyone up at RG's with his hyphy ass style.  here he is straight from the bay.

Lizard's New Shit

Lizard's got a new Deathwish deck out.
Go get that shit!

Brownies with Bryce

Bryce teaches you how to make the best brownies. betty crocker aint got shit on us..

Step 1.  Gather your Ingredients
-Vegetable Oil
-Measuring Cup
-Herbs and Spices
-Ghirardelli Brownie Mix

Step 2.  Grind up your herbs in a coffee grinder until their finely ground like sand.

Step 3.  Pour 1/3 cup of veggie oil in a sauce pan and let simmer on the stove.  heat should be on medium/low.

Step 4.  dump your finely ground oregano into the simmering oil and let that shit sit for around 45 minutes.
Step 5.  Pour your oil in the brownie mix and follow the instructions on the box.

Step 6.  Share

Chris Troy

TransWorld please give this kid a part already... make sure you check the butteryness of the last trick.

Van Wastell

dedication to one of the illest that ever shralped.  onelove

numero uno

numero uno puta...