Incriminating Photo of the Day

A new feature on The Mush, degrading photos of homies and hoes from Boulder, Laguna, and elsewhere will be posted everyday...because if you think you're life sucks, just remember it could always be worse.

We welcome our good friend Valen as the subject of our inaugural post. Keep up the good work and enjoy many more years of cotton candy to come.

you gotta be fuckin kidding me..

Coming Soon...


check back soon for the full interview with the official clan member of the month

Chopped n Screwed

Sizzurp Sippin Bozwreck 2 teaser from the vaults.


Puttin Out a Hit On James

A hit has been put out on James Carey and Clan members should act accordingly. The last known sighting of him occurred at a Rusko concert in late 2009, where the following photos were taken:

Honestly James, you're fucking blowing it. Look around and realize that you live at home and spend your weekends at raves when you all you had to do was get a job working four days a week and you'd still be getting an education in Boulder. KYS.

Gnarly X BozWreck

Honestly.. If you aren't buying this your probably a Maurkassbitch in a Nomis hoodie. Limited time only so get THERE while you can. PS... Look for big things comin soon.

The Bruce Movie

The Clan's own Bruce Curtis Fontenot last part from his feature film THE BRUCE MOVIE

Look at these outfits, insane.

Van Wastell

Van Wastell's part in Krooked's full elph video. amazing. if you like good style watch this.

Monkey Heads

Not sure why I felt obligated to post this. I'd wear this on a shirt for sure though.


Yeah so basically... I'm looking for a new years kiss and..
Wow.. really Bud?? REALLY...?
Bummertown, USA.

Remember Hook-Ups?

Remember Hook-Ups? I used to beat off to these decks in CCS magazine when I couldn't use the family computer for porn.

My Mom & Neckface...

...they go way back.

Lizard Cover n Interview

How the fuck do you even lock in a front nose down 16? Is that even possible..

A Music Video Crafted By God Himself