and the blog is finally letting me upload pictures so here's nuge's massive kickflip. be happy.


the blog is dying because this bullshit blogger program won't let us upload any pictures for some reason. so until it decides to start working. Fuck blogspot. we're out.



even with as much shit as you got for the questionable acts with little children. Your still the King. Hold it down up there for the rest of us.

Back To The Berg

Our view.We definitely underestimated the amount of people that would show up and ended up having to sit on top of a fence/in a tree, only to see the first 2 stairs...... lame.

Holy Sh*t

NugeBiggest Kicky you've ever seen.

We Need More

Companies like this...Everybody is way to worried about making money these days... to look at themselves and laugh. Trends are funny.

Butters New Tat!

wow! butters really desperate these days aren't you? Keegs pays butters one-thousand dolla's to get the tat. haha

Butters Buys Beer

Butters finally manned up and bought beer for the first time...
Too bad his stingy hands led him to the coronita's.It's okay butters.. we'll still hang out with you.

Mush Clan Goes Big!

Bryce got an ill haircut...
then he convinced his rebel son El Jefe to get one too.
Now we have Thrasher and Hunter S Thompson kickin it in Laguna.
-Jeff and Keegan