Mush Mini Vid

mush mini sesh from keegan valaika on Vimeo. Finally... I know we've been claimin this mini vid for a while. so here it is. filmed in about an hour while consuming quite a few beverages so apologies for the mediocre shralping. Keep it ghetto

Jamal Smith

Some new footy of Jamal. He's some kid from Ithaca New York who's ill as fuck on a skateboard. If you don't know him from his trick tip on the tornado spin. Now you know. Tornado Spin Bitch

Happy Job Day

Bryce finally got a job...  so we got him a cake and had a lil party at the crib.
Hoopnuts was there.

as was the birthday boy

and of course the possum

How to Run A Company..

Reynolds explains how he started Baker, and why its dope as hell.


This photo looks like it was taken at night....  this was when we woke up.   It Sucks!
Hoopnuts fell in the snow.  It's pretty deep.  almost too deep.
Pristine babe
We ran into Darrel, Oli, and Bjorn....
Then we ran into Grendy's, Bode, and some of their homies....
Last but not least. Spence! Good thing there's not homies at the spot.


We drove from Colorado to...

Utah. Mellow drive except for that fact that we both nearly fell asleep on the last leg.

Stoney Baloney

Introducing Cale and Mikey.. they're in the clan.

Babe of the Week

Were gonna start doin these weekly. This weeks babe is none other than the beautiful mocha latte Rihanna. dayum girl.

Tuesday Twins

Tyler Bledsoe
Brothas from another motha

Lines Kids

Reynolds part in This is Skateboarding. Check the opening line.

Told you so...

Look who won. pay up Jefe!


we had another pow day at brighton. Bryce got some ill lines. and jeff decided to drop his board down from the peak of a huge chute.... then he attempted to run down the mountain. he made it 2 feet before he rolled all the way down.

The Mini

Bryce n Jefe Pequeno dublin the mini. Check back soon for the first mini ramp vid of the year.. Its being edited right now.

Lil Jefe's Breakthrough Role

Lil Jeff's first ever big screen performance on MTV.

Hike Day at Brighton

Lil Jefe got tackled by bryce on the way to this gnarly line Bryce dropped.
Bryce picking his line. This is hands down the gnarliest shit ive ever witnessed..... 1st try.

Stay Gold

Really dope 16mm teaser for the new emerica vid.

Mindfield Is Out!

go get that shit.

Watch Out...

this kids comin in hot with ender in the emerica video... Just a guess.

jamie tawncony? might have spelled that wrong..

BozWreck 3000

Bozwreck 3000 Teaser from Ashbury Eyewear on Vimeo.The illest of them all. If only snowboarding wasn't too stupid to realize what's right in front of its face.. way better than the neon teletubby suit scene. do what you love. - BozWreck


Antwuan's new shoe is dope as fuck. A little bit of a bite on some vans... but isn't everything these days?

TK's got a new shoe too... unfortunately his is pretty homo. looks like it was inspired by some leather assless chaps? Beat...