Get Hyped

If you wanna get hyped to go skate... watch this part.  The dude who has the most fun is the best.  Gonz keepin real crackhead steeze on the skate.

Jefe's got Game

Jeff got the illest Miami Vice shirt at the thrift store.  Here he is hyped as hell showing it off the the e-code crew sitting on the curb.
Cale leaving for his mission..  we're gonna miss ya buddy.

Jeff rips so hard that this lil hoodrat ran up to his car as he was leaving and gave him her digits. He doesn't even have to ask for that shit.


Just signed Bryan Herman. thats fuckin dope. good to see a company owned by people who actually shred. watch out cause they're about to blow up.Just incase you forgot how buttery this fool is.

Role Models

So if you've seen the movie role models.... yes.. this is for real! I was wandering around in alaska today and ran into a bunch of people pretending they were knights and elves fighting in a magical world. I really didn't believe it until I saw it but people really do this shit and its one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Their dead serious swinging around plastic swords with rubber tips and when they get hit they pretend their dead. I kind of blew it by not filming but my digi died so i had to just use the phone camera. enjoy...

Boznutz VS Athens

Nuts just sent me this link to the second part of his battle with athens..

Nate vs Athens Episode 2 "Dali aint got shit on me!" from ken adams on Vimeo.

Matty Ryan

Matty's skate part from an old salt lake vid. Illest front lips in the world.edited by shelby menzel

Uncle Nutz

City of Angels
still killing it...

Hard As Fuck

Nutz got some new face tats. Mad Passion over here.


While we were in Switzerland The possum tried to hook up with this aussie chick...Funny thing is.... 

She looks just like Jed.  Yeah bob.. no homo.

Sicky Rolla

B-Rothe's part from his skim vid "sicky rolla"support the homies and cop that shit HERE

Mush Laundry

We've been trying to keep it green...So we decided to start hang drying our laundry in an effort to save electricity and make the world a better place...

Unfortunately this dude is doing the opposite...
Douchebag litterbug.