OG mush clan member Luke Mitrani. Here's a lil sneak preview of his olympic halfpipe run.Mellow.


Ratass here got his nickname a long while back from Joey Hodges.  Joey said it was because he sounded like a rats ass when he talked... anyways, ratass is the shit and the clans got his back.  This is his part from Bundy Vision with vocals by Nick Russell.

P-Rod Is Back

what you know bout switch trebomb's down santa monica triple set...

Keegs.. Gets Buck!

Keegs and Possum drop on their first cover! I knew Keegs wouldnt post his own cover on here so I decided to take the initiative to post it erp for the clan. Congrats fewls! Get buck...BOZWRECK FO' LIFE-lil hefe


check the link for the video on snowboarder.



Normally I would write something about how good this teaser is... but I can't explain it with words and I've watched it 5 times in a row now. Gigi Ruf. Absinthe just keeps getting better.

Neverland by Absinthe Films from Absinthe Films on Vimeo.

Stash Pockets

Remember these bad boys?I just found this pic and thought this shit was hillarious... everyone knew it was meant for trees, but until this pic I never saw it actually used in that manner. Miss you Muska, real OG.

MJ Poll

Thriller wins the Best Michael Jackson Song poll.

Michael Jackson- Thriller from MQC on Vimeo.