Celtics Fans Won the Poll...

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This Kid.

Is Christian Ravenscroft, Welcome to the Clan.. Expect an edit sometime soon.

Brandon Rothe in Sicky Rolla '07

if you dont think this is sick, then fuck you

Incase you forgot...

This is skateboarding.



Save Skateboarding in Laguna Beach!


"...last month, the city Parking, Traffic and Circulation Committee reviewed the request for a skating ban by 30 residents in the Bluebird Canyon area, a favorite downhill run of skaters which reaches a 13.5% grade in places. Residents suggested skaters be forbidden from streets that exceed a 3 percent grade or those who exceed 10 m.p.h. For comparison, the grade of the Third Street hill downtown is roughly 29%."

-Laguna Beach Independent

As a lifelong resident if Laguna Beach, I have experienced our town in every form, from mountain biking in the greenbelts to snorkeling off Pearl St. Yet truly nothing compares to the perspective that some who skates enjoys every day. With the endless beautiful weather and a strong extreme sports presence in our community, a skate down one of the millions of bland, track-home lined streets that blanket most of Southern California will never compare to the rewarding sensation that is skateboarding in Laguna. Every generation ends up telling the next of how much more relaxed the legislative restrictions on everyday leisure once were...why is it that city councils feel the need to restrict recreation in a town who's culture is largely based around just that? To limit skateboarding to streets with a 3% percent grade or less would effectively ban skateboarding throughout the vast majority of the city, and literally make it illegal to skate from one end of the town to the other, whether for recreation or transportation. Originally known as "sidewalk surfing", skateboarding's history is directly rooted in surfing, the original goal being to mimic the fluid experience of riding of wave by cruising down hills. To take away the ability to ride down any real hill would prevent skaters from experiencing the sport in its initial and purest form. As the sport progressed, its riders soon came under fire and were stereotyped as renegade punks with no understanding of respect or responsibility. This label is one that continues to plague members of the unique culture that is skateboarding, and one that many of us have tried desperately to change. We are equally a part of this community and have had the privilege of sharing this paradise and the many gifts it has to offer with all of you out there who view us in a negative light. In closure, I ask every person of voting age in Laguna Beach kindly that for once, instead of letting yet another right to have fun be stolen from both the kids and adults of this town, give this restrictive petition a serious thought and just ask yourself, "will banning skateboarding in Laguna Beach truly improve my quality of life?"

- The Mushroom Clan

New Mushroom Clan Headquarters

After a long and tedious period of debate, we finally reached a consensus and have chosen our new location from which to base our expansive operations. The Mushroom Clan can be reached via mail come August at its new address:

The Mushroom Clan
980 9th St.
Boulder, CO 80302

Thank God for Fish

The bossman himself, accompanied by his dimey ass wifey.

Hey Rondo! Suck a dick

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Self Removal of Surgical Staples

At this point in life I'm getting used to these crazy random injuries...

Recovery photos and video after I got an open colectomy (removal of part of the large intestine, in my case a foot and 3 inches)...Keegan and I were partying in the woods on a camping trip when I felt stomach pain out of nowhere and luckily found a sober kid to drive me to the hospital, where they rushed me into surgery to take out a bunch of my digestive system that had died due to a lack of blood supply...

Brown Middle School

Last day in CO.
Thurl. front feebs pop out over the grass
Nick. crooks


Kickflip for the Klan.