Former Clan Member Wanted For Robbery

Former Clan member turned petty criminal and alcoholic James Daniel Carey, 18, of Laguna Beach is currently on the run after allegedly stealing over $60 from an innocent young girl, Megan Rustigian, also 18. His irresponsibility was addressed by the mother of the victim in a recent exchange via email. Luckily, we at the Clan have obtained the original document and are able to share the message with the rest of the world.

"I know it's hard but you need to let James know you did him a favor and you got burned in the deal, it's not alot of money but it is yours and these are tough times. Yon can tell him it costs alot of money to go to that school and even that $67 is important. Tell him no more excuses, when he asked, you did it right then, now its his turn. That money could pay for your ride to the airport. He get a job yet?! You and your friends can't support him."
-Mother of victim Megan Rustigian

Our thoughts go out to those affected by this unfortunate tragedy.
-The Mushroom Clan

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