The President of the United States has the annual State of the Union Speech, the Governor of California has the State of the State. We've got The State Of The Mushroom, and it's about to drop, right now.

In the spirit of the new decade and in light of a fresh new year, The Mushroom Clan would like to deliver its first message to the masses. In light of the ongoing international economic crisis and subsequent loss of hope across the globe, The Clan is here to bring peace. Peace and blunts. You see, everyone needs a guiding force to direct them towards the path of life. And oh how it is a struggle for even the brightest souls to point themselves in the right direction when searching for the truth. The Clan is ready to show you the key to genuine happiness. Now we shamefully admit that our commitment to our followers has been mediocre at best, posting a photo here and there, maybe throwing out a video clip or two if you're lucky. Yet the age of mediocrity is over. As the new decade begins, we declare that The Mushroom Clan is here, and is blowing the fuck up. Blowing up today, not tomorrow, not the next day, TODAY. We have no plans of leaving you hanging with a clip of Ryan Sheckler beating off to himself in the mirror, only for you to sit and wonder when our next post will drop. Not us. Not The Clan. In the words of the eternal sage Matty Ryan, "You're only disposable if you let yourself be disposable, and give up on what you know you can do". The Clan is forever permanent, never disposable, and will stand as the Voice of Reason until the Internet itself meets its final demise. Yet what is it that The Clan may provide your life that you have yet to obtain or experience? In the midst of wars overseas, an increase in gang violence and intravenous drug use on our own soil, and the recent season premiere of Jersey Shore, many question whether the world will soon come to an end, and what steps may be taken to prevent such atrocity. With the ever increasing influence of the media and its constant insistence that we indulge in more and more grotesque and crude forms of entertainment, it has been suggested that perhaps we as the dominant species on Earth take a step back. Perhaps we as the supposedly most intelligent life forms in the universe, should look deeper. When you find yourself wanting to watch Tool Academy 2 or a rollerblading competition on ESPN 3, consider the simple joys that once kept you content and at peace. Dr. Seuss once said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” So why don't you turn off that techno you're listening to, clear those Baywatch re-runs from your cable box, and go READ some shit. Some really insightful, amazing shit. And maybe see some softcore porn. Here, at The Clan De Mush.

Peace, Love, Weed,

The Mushroom Clan

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