10,000 Hits on the Mush!

Yes, it's true, we've hit that 5 figure mark. Needless to say that number is entirely inaccurate, as our hit counter has only been in operation for about a month while the Mush blog itself has years of rich history. So today we challenge all of you Mushmen and Mushwomen out there to take a step back and appreciate the impact that our blog has undoubtedly had on your otherwise bland and worthless lives. When media moguls like ESPN and Fuel TV are telling the masses that its cool to wear shirts that have different variations of plaid and read "Nomis" on the tag, the Mush stands alone as a kamikaze warrior in a world filled with bad style, girls who wear skate shoes, and people who still think rollerblading is cool. We've been deep in the game for awhile now, but we're just getting started. Expect big things from The Mushroom Clan in the near future. So when you find yourself hovering over a $500 ski boot purchase at REI, allow yourself a moment to think everything through and wonder, "What would the Mushroom Clan do?"*

*and then go out and buy an ounce of weed and maybe some clones and a small greenhouse


Da Clan

PS. In celebration of our 10,000th recorded hit, we give you this gift, a most-likely faked photo of Britney Spears topless while she was in her prime. This is what she looked like before she stopped reading the Mush and started blowing it by checking the Cheese Dick blog.

The Mushroom Clan: By people who get it, for people who get it.

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  1. amanda531@live.com (email me)March 7, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    she could have lesbian sex with me any day! Come shake those titties my way!!!